A lot of businessmen and businesswomen like you are trying to compete to attract potential customers on going on their website, with the means of backlinks. This is more efficient and cheaper than advertisements. You do not need to spend a lot of money to pay for actors to advertise your products and services. There is a wonder to this. Professional SEO service Erie PA can really deliver results that you expect with efficiency and speed. However, not all things are perfect. Even this approach to generating visits can also have drawbacks. You might have seen a lot of articles talking about the advantages of SEO, but fewer on the truths about the. In this article, we give you both the advantages and disadvantages of hiring an SEO company and we will let you decide on your own critical judgment.  

The Pros of Hiring an SEO 

1.SEO can give you business exposure to the right and prospective customers 

Almost every person who has access to the Internet use Google to find a solution to things they need whether it is a plumbing or roof repair, and needed products like a new cabinet or a table set. They can even search for the services they want. All of these people are more likely to click on the first three websites they see – and this is your target position. If you lead the search, the more potential customers you are attracting to your website.  

2. Professional SEO delivers results  

Professional SEO companies are experts in this field and they can deliver good results that you expect. 

3. It Is cheaper than paying for an advertisement 

Advertisements can be very expensive, and most of the time, only big companies are able to afford advertisement. When you are an entrepreneur who is just starting his business, you need a more affordable way of attracting customers to your website. 

Disadvantages of SEO 

1. You don’t have the full control of their approaches and strategies 

The thing is, when you hire them, you are hiring their service which requires you to sit back and let them do the job they are trained to do. They are even expected to help and give you advice on how to run your website 

2. There is a risk of being penalized. 

When you hire a non-professional SEO, there is a tendency that they overdo the tasks and not following the rules and regulations anymore. This is why it is important to hire a professional and trusted company, and not any independent SEO. 

3. They do not guarantee good results sometimes 

This is another problem when you hire a nonprofessional SEO. Ther are a lot of competition and there is no full guarantee that you will rank especially on the first page. You might fall on the second or third. Again, it is important to hire a professional SEO to avoid disappointments.  


To be fair, all marketing strategies and even advertisements doe not guarantee perfect results. However, they can enhance your website exposure that potentially attracts buyers and customers. We have given you both the pros and cons of SEO, it is now your time to decide which of the side you believe the more.